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CloakedPrivacy picks up where VPNs left off. CloakedPrivacy shields your digital life through end-to-end encrypted WireGuard VPN technology with active cybersecurity, identity & privacy protection. CloakedPrivacy is your smart, smiple, and effective personal cybersecurity companion.


Personal Cybersecurity Reimagined

We're on a mission to democratize cybersecurity, making it accessible for all. CloakedPrivacy empowers you with resources for cyber awareness, offering the latest cybersecurity news, enabling you to become cyber-resilient effortlessly. We redefine personal cybersecurity with simplified pricing, no annual commitments, & a commitment to your protection: Effective. Simple. Magical.


Next-Gen VPN

CloakedPrivacy picks up where VPNs left off; built on the latest encryption & security standards. Top-tier end-to-end encrypted WireGuard VPN minimizes network overhead & protects against bad actors. Your privacy is our top priority—unlike many free VPN services; we never generate traffic logs, sell, or share your data.


Identity & Privacy

Prevent identity theft with CloakedPrivacy. The dark-web breach monitor alerts for identity protection, so you can act fast if your identity is compromised. Robust security measures prevent ISP snooping. Blocks intrusive Ad trackers, ensuring your digital footprint remains free from targeted advertisements & shielded from prying eyes.

Smart Personal Cybersecurity

A lot more than just a VPN

All-in-one protection for the whole family, powered by artificial intelligence. Protect yourself from threats, take control of your data, and experience the internet the way it was meant to be - Secure, Private, and Cloaked.


Proactive Site Blocking

CloakedPrivacy proactively blocks malicious sites to shield you from potential breaches and scams. Protect yourself from cyber threats and enjoy a worry-free digital life. Designed with you in mind, it's easy to use on every device. With just one click, experience the internet the way it was meant to be - Secure, Private, and Cloaked.


24/7 Dark Web Identity Check

Take control of your digital footprint with Cloaked Privacy. Search for your information in known database breaches, empowering you to take action to protect your data. Our Identity Theft Checker performs continuous dark web monitoring to detect any potential public exposure of your personal data resulting from data breaches.


Protection for Loved Ones

CloakedPrivacy not only empowers you with robust parental controls to filter inappropriate content but also extends protection to the elderly, shielding them from online scams & malicious links. One profile works seamlessly across various devices to ensure comprehensive online safety for your entire family.


Securing Your Gaming World

Experience worry-free gaming, where your gaming accounts and progress are safeguarded from hacking and theft. CloakedPrivacy is renowned for its strong security and high performance. Rest assured, CloakedPrivacy's Online Protection won't compromise your gaming experience on consoles or PCs.


Your Personal Cybersecurity Companion

Enjoy a worry-free online world with the gold standard in identity & privacy protection.

News Releases

Cytex Launches CloakedPrivacy, First-Ever Cybersecurity & Encrypted VPN Mobile App For Smartphones

Cytex, Inc., a SaaS-based, full-spectrum industry leader in enterprise cybersecurity solutions, announces CloakedPrivacy, a first-of-its-kind app that provides state-of-the-art encrypted VPN for mobile devices, protecting users from potential breaches and cyberthreats while giving them unparalleled control over their personal data across third-party applications.

CloakedPrivacy provides active cybersecurity that defends against malicious threats by employing powerful end-to-end encrypted WireGuard VPN technology and state-of-the-art active cybersecurity protection. Enhanced services levels also include identity theft expense reimbursement coverage (up to $25,000 limit) and fully managed identity theft resolution.

Cytex developed CloakedPrivacy after hearing feedback from users about the importance of their smartphones in managing their digital lives. “We were in a client meeting, and one of our partners remarked that, if they were being held up, they'd rather hand over their wallet than their mobile device,” said Cytex CEO Andrew Surwilo. “This got us thinking about ways to bring the cybersecurity protocols we've developed for businesses to consumers and their mobile phones.”...Read more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • CloakedPrivacy is an evolution of the concept of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Private Relay. VPNs provided a secure transport mechanism but were slow, lacked privacy provisions, and didn’t provide protection against malicious actors. CloakedPrivacy picks up where VPNs left off: it is built on the latest encryption and security standards to minimize network overhead, respect user’s privacy, and protect against bad actors.

  • Yes. CloakedPrivacy blocks any phishing links you may have received through email, SMS, WhatsApp, or any social media channels. If CloakedPrivacy detects a phishing link, it will disable it so you will not be able to navigate to the harmful site.

  • By disabling malicious links, CloakedPrivacy can protect against phishing and social media attempts. By blocking malicious links, CloakedPrivacy prevents you from navigating to harmful sites, even if you accidently click on them.

  • CloakedPrivacy includes a wide assortment of information content ranging from to improve your personal cyber security by empowering you to identify scams, cyber threats, and malicious actors.

  • CloakedPrivacy doesn’t collect any identifying information from users and has a strict no log policy to ensure that customer information is never logged.

  • We take your privacy very seriously. We don’t collect any identifying information that ties users to domains. We don’t sell any data to any 3rd party

Cloaked Privacy

CloakedPrivacy is built and operated by seasoned cybersecurity professionals, who want to democratize cybersecurity and extend enterprise grade protection to individuals. We are on a mission to make the online world safer and empower individuals by giving back their right to privacy.

Business partners: Cytex, Inc.